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Increase efficiency and reduce costs with Progressive Managed Print

We are in transformative times. Innovation, optimization and cost reduction ideas are of great interest to many organizations. So where do you look?

Print - or as some industry experts have coined "the last great bastion of uncontrolled spending."

Gartner studies indicate that organizations spend between 1-3% of revenue dollars on print and that by managing their print environments more effectively they can reduce those costs by 30%.  Metrics and measuring is needed.  As Peter Drucker says, "what gets measured, gets managed."  

Outcomes can be startling.  A local non-profit recently reduced their print spend by 52% simply by getting a look at their print volume, infrastructure, cost and inefficiencies.  And then by optimizing that environment.  

  1. Print Assessment: quantify print volume, infrastructure, cost and inefficiencies.
  2. Optimization and automation: synchronize devices to workflow and automate service and supply.
  3. Print Management: print policy collaboration, cost recovery and print cost tracking.
  4. Workflow Automation: when appropriate - workflow and document mapping. Identify where automation can streamline processes and optimize productivity.
  • Reduce cost.
  • Increase productivity and efficiencies through automation and infrastructure optimization.
  • Reduce IT and admin burden.
  • Prioritize print policy initiatives and volume reduction.
  • Ongoing collaboration that moves processes trapped in paper into paperless solutions.
Our device-agnostic approach is one big aspect that sets us apart. Unlike traditional MPS providers, our solutions don’t depend on a specific product or manufacturer. Our best interests are synchronized with yours and our bottom line is tied to the service we give you (and that’s it).

How does your current managed print provider stack up?

If your current managed print program doesn't seem well managed or is more about your vendor than your business drop us a line.